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International Prinzhorn Holding Dunapack Packaging

World Star Award for Dunapack Packaging

2 awards for our innovative and sustainable solutions


4th of May was the world star award ceremony and Dunapack Packaging in Austria won 2 awards with their innovative and sustainable solutions.


Dunapack Packaging Vienna

ALL-IN-ONE-Sales tray

Category: Pet food

This packaging features skilfully assembled elements: scissor closure that does not require packaging aids such as adhesive tape. Cleverly solved bottom construction, which fixes the contents from the inside and makes an additional shipping insert superfluous. The sales staff can open the scissor closure without tools.

This combination of various new and existing construction elements makes this tray an extremely innovative and exciting Shelf Ready Pack solution with very great potential for the trade. The construction is a pure corrugated cardboard box. It does not require any additional gluing aids when closing-and is therefore 100% recyclable.


Dunapack Packaging Strasswalchen


Corrugated cardboard sales table

Category: Point of Sale

Tables made of printed corrugated cardboard that create a uniform overall appearance. The stand-up tables are delivered flat, including the sales item, in pallet-optimised overhead cartons. With the help of the assembly video, the sales stand can be set up in just a few minutes.

The unsold goods are returned in the small return boxes provided. The volume of returned goods is therefore reduced by 90 %. The cleaning and storage of the sales tables is completely eliminated. The appearance can be adapted every year with a new advertising message.