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Quality – our Expertise

How you benefit:

We strive for the highest quality. We have defined strict quality criteria ranging from the raw materials used, the development of new innovative products and the entire manufacturing process through to the finished packaging and timely delivery to our customers.

For us, quality means constantly monitoring and optimising all processes from goods receipt through to delivery to our customers.

Each of our production orders is subject to precisely documented process approval.

Samples are taken and tested during production.

Each and every employee of Dunapack Packaging supports the company’s high quality claim.



Our quality management meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Dunapack Mosburger endorses the FSC® criteria and standards

and is certified in accordance with the FSC® Guidelines.

Our internal testing laboratory tests paper and corrugated cardboard from goods receipt to production approval, such as by determining flat crush resistance or edge crush resistance.

We not only use the latest high-tech equipment for these tests but also have an internal climate area for inspections under different climatic conditions.



Paper tests

  • Area-related mass
  • Humidity, water absorption according to Cobb
  • Ring crush resistance RCT
  • Flat crush resistance of corrugated paper CMT
  • Crush resistance of corrugated paper CCT
  • Bursting strength BST

Corrugated cardboard tests

  • Area-related mass
  • Calibre determination (determination of corrugated cardboard thickness)
  • Bursting strength BST
  • Flat crush resistance FCT
  • Edge crush resistance ECT
  • Dart drop test PET
  • Wet strength test (NR)