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Social Policy

Driven by the challenges of today’s market environment and in response to increasing customer demands, we appreciate that a successful business and sustainable development are possible only by focusing on quality in all aspects of activities of the Company. We believe that the merit for company’s permanent growth is our best and responsible employees.

That’s why we are trying to exert continuous care to make them feel satisfied of the working conditions and the opportunities for personal and professional development.

In this connection, our permanent aim is:



To achieve this, we will use effectively the available financial, human and technological resources and will accomplish active and persistently work to perform following tasks:


1. Respect for equality and human rights

1.1. In compliance with the Constitution and Laws of the country and particularly all concerning labor relations with the employees.

1.2. Equality in employment and non-admission of direct or indirect discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, human genome, citizenship, origin, religion or beliefs, education, political affiliation, personal or public status, disability, age, sexual orientation, property status or any other indications established by law or in international treaty whereto the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

1.3. Maintaining an International Quality Management System’s standard ISO 9001, which ensure continuous improvement and becomes an integral part of Company’s development.


2. Health and safety at work

2.1. Maintaining an International standard - Health and Safety at work OHSAS 18001

2.2. We provide a full periodic and annual preventive examinations and Audiometry of the employees in the production and screening for the employees who work with video displays.

2.3. Accident Insurance

2.4. We provide work clothing and personal protection equipment above the minimum law requirements. Constantly actualization based on the achievements of the new technologies.

2.5. We provide free drinks and vitamins in the seasons summer and winter.

2.6. Encouraging health care through the program "Be strong, come to work."


3. Work-life balance.

3.1. Sports holidays for the employees and their families.

3.2. Transport for shift workers

3.3. Annual Nomination and awarding an Employee of the year.

3.4. Support for the First day at school for employees who have children under 18 years /or until graduation from High school/.

3.5. Additional incentives for Major Public Holidays.

3.6. Food vouchers.

3.7. Providing coupons and discount vouchers for goods and services from partner organizations.


4. Development and lifelong learning

4.1. We create work environment and provide conditions and resources for continuous training, qualification and development of employees.

4.2. Programs for In-house training and development, mentoring.

4.3. Individual training programs in cooperation with educational institutions and training companies.


5. Society’s support.

5.1. Periodic donations to orphanages, nursery schools and other public initiatives.

5.2. Participation and experience sharing of various specialized forums of our employees.

5.3. Active cooperation with universities and high schools regarding:

5.3.1. Paid interships for graduates and students with opportunity forfull-time employment.

5.3.2. Opportunities for preparation of theses and assignments on the territory of Dunapack Rodina JSC with support of our employees.


The Management believes that the employees clearly understand their role in the development and success of the Company. We are confident that each according to his given powers and responsibilities, actively contributes to policy implementation and related commitments.