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Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Regarding to the execution of the commitments in the Environment Policy occupational health and safety policy, the management of Dunapack Rodina JSC has set as its priority to achieve and maintain full compliance with the applicable legislation in this area. The company periodically review and evaluate the environment aspects  and occupational health and safety policy, related to its whole activity. To achieve sustained improvement, the management of the company sets annual targets which are aimed at improvement of the environment’s components and occupational health and safety policy, through introduction of new safety technologies and equipment, implementation of systems for monitoring and control and continuous knowledge and competence of the employees.

The management of Dunapack Rodina JSC sets the environmental protection, the creation of healthy and safe working environment and the encouragement of safe and healthy work as a main goal for its employees at any organizational level.


To achieve that goal, we engage ourselves to:

  • Make sure all the questions concerning environmental protection are included into the process of business planning. Thus we guarantee that the management of these processes will be an integral part of our business.
  • Maintain full compliance with all international environmental management systems (ISO 14001) as well as occupational health and safety (ISO 45001).
  • Ensuring active participation of senior management in the development, implementation and maintenance of management systems.
  • Achieving full compliance with all regulations and other applicable requirements.
  • Effectively manage the identified risks and opportunities through the development and maintenance of risk-based thinking.
  • Work to improve the efficient use of resources.
  • We implement new technologies and equipment to reduce the risk for the people and the environment.
  • Maintain programs and procedures to prevent any threat from happening which may lead to accidents or may have a negative effect on people’s health or the environment.
  • We work to increase the competence of our employees.
  • Continuously improve the process efficiency of management systems.
  • Build a corporate culture whereby all employees share a commitment to the organizational policy as we conduct ongoing training and consultation on matters concerning health, safety and environmental protection.
  • Work together with public and private organizations in searching a solution for problems regarding environmental protection and improving the work health and safety.
  • Conduct regular reviews and audits of all managing systems and evaluate our achievements and progress by the accepted standards.

The management of Dunapack Rodina JSC is convinced that all employees aware their role in the development and the success of the company and is confident that everyone, according to the powers and responsibilities given will contribute to the policy fulfillment and all the related commitments.