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As a leading corrugated board and packaging producer, our priority is to achieve the highest possible quality level that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers.

To ensure compliance with the requirements, we perform control at every stage of the technological process during the production of corrugated board and packaging. We have a modern laboratory equipped by leading European companies, provides high accuracy and reliability of the results.


Quality Policy

Driven by the challenges of the current market environment and in response to the increasing customer demands, we appreciate that a successful business and a stable progress are only possible by focusing on quality in all aspects of activities of the Company.


In relation to this our main goal is:

To fully satisfaction of customers’ needs through high quality of our products and services.

To fulfill the following tasks, we will effectively use all available financial, human and technological resources and we will perform active and purposeful work:

  • Set the management and quality assurance in all our business plans and market strategies as well as their inclusion in the criteria for evaluating the performance of each employee in the company.
  • Maintain a constantly high level of technical equipment, implementation of new technologies and achieving full compliance with regulatory and other requirements accepted by the Company.
  • Constant research of customers’ requirements and demands to achieve maximum flexibility and ensure continual high quality of products and services.
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers in order to increase the ability of both sides to guarantee quality products.
  • Maintaining the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 that guarantees constant improvement as well as making it a part of the development of the Company.
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the processes by the management system.
  • Creating a working environment and providing conditions and resources for continuous training and increasing the qualification of the employees.
  • Encouraging employees of all levels to work for continuous improvement of products and services that we offer to our customers.
  • Conducting regular reviews and audits of the management system and evaluate our achievements and progress according to the accepted standards.


The management is convinced that all employees aware their role in the development and the success of the Company and is confident that everyone, according to the powers and responsibilities given will contribute to the policy fulfillment and all the related commitments.