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Dunapack Packaging plant Spremberg

Who we are

WE PRODUCE more than 160 Mio. m² corrugated cardboard and also finished packaging. Based on our long-term experience in the packaging-industry we realize tailor-made packaging-solutions.

WE WORK with a closed and lasting recycling cycle, concerning both sustainability and effectiveness: Starting from wastepaper collection to the production of high-quality packaging.

WE ARE a subsidiary company of the austrian Prinzhorn Holding, which is managed in the sixth generation und founded 1853 under the name of W. Hamburger.

Dunapack Packaging in Numbers








Produced Corrugated Board in Bn m2


We hold a substantial stake at Alliabox that provides global services to international customers.

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Prinzhorn Group


We, as a family owned and managed business, think in generations and not in financial quarters.


We keep our promises since 1853.

With Passion

We passionately deliver highly competitive packaging solutions to our customers’ supply chain.

Prinzhorn Group
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Founded in 1853, we are still a family owned group with 10,000 employees in 16 countries, and a European market leader in the packaging, paper, and recycling industry. With an annual turnover of 2.3 billion Euro, our group ranks number three in Europe and plans to double its size by 2030. 

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