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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company is extremely sensitive towards the environment, and feel strong solidarity with the wider and local community around us.

We work closely with local organizations and offer practical support to those in need, in the local community, in sports clubs and cultural institutions.

We recognize the responsibility, our share towards the environment, and implement a comprehensive recycling program in our production process and in the functioning of our offices.

At the same time,  we continue our efforts, through targeted investments, in order to reduce our energy consumption, and produce with shrinkable energy footprint.

Moreover we invested in a double adhesive ISOBAR and a Water Deck which were incorporated in our production process, in January 2012 and in January 2013 respectively.

As a result, the overall reduction in our energy footprint exceeded the 8% in electricity consumption and in 36% in gas consumption.

In order to achieve further energy footprint reduction and improvement in our production process, we installed a second Water Deck, in September 2014.