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Quality Control Lab

The main axis of ensuring the quality of our products is the recently upgraded quality control laboratory, in which a new testing machine, of Zwick Roell Group, is under operation. Here, the main paper and cardboard tests are carried out.

The main purpose is the compliance of raw and auxiliary materials and our intermediate and finished goods, with the requested standards of our clients.

Therefore, the laboratory is in a climate controlled test area erected in 2015 with different testing devices available. This is where paper and corrugated board tests are carried out as part of the incoming goods control or process control according to TAPPI and FEFCO testing methods.


Paper Tests

  • Grammage
  • Humidity
  • Short Span Compression Test SCT


Corrugated Tests

  • Grammage
  • Humidity
  • Determination of caliper (determination of the thickness of the corrugated board)
  • Flat crush resistance FCT
  • Edge crush Resistance ECT
  • Box Compression Test BCT



These controls ensure the satisfaction of customer needs in the best possible way, and the development of innovative ideas for the continuous improvement of our products.