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International Prinzhorn Holding Bulgaria

Prize Pack 2020

Congratulations to the whole team of Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv!


For another year in a row, we managed to win and we have an award from the most prestigious competition in Bulgaria for Best packaging – “Prize Pack”!

Our WOW tea box, is the winner!

Designer box with three-color full-color printing on both sides (inside and outside) of the packaging. The inserted high-quality gloss paper (Rieger Top Double Coated, produced by Hamburger Containerboard) gives a luxurious finish to the packaging and increases the marketing value. The stylish and strong construction, with the double-reinforced walls of the box, protects the contents extremely well. The packagings are delivered in unfolded form, as the elements for closing the box are integrated for self-assembly.

Extremely strong and self-locking, the packaging is ideal for high-end retail consumer goods. The design and construction can be easily modified to meet the requirements of customers from different industries. The direct flexo printing on the corrugated cardboard gives a first-class look and a sense of individuality to the packaging, while preserving its environmental friendliness, thanks to the water-based inks used.