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Greenfield Project

Prinzhorn Holding is present on Croatian market from early 90's. Based on good sales results on Croatian market, idea of building a plant was born. This would allow positioning of Prinzhorn Holding as a market leader in recycling, paper and packaging in the region. 

Valoviti papir Dunapack d.o.o. is founded in 2001. In Zagrebu and this presented first step toward the greenfield investment in Croatia.

In 2003. construction of Packaging company started in Zabok. 23 Mio € greenfield investment with official opening of the factory in April 2004. Overall it was invested over 25,5 Mio €. 

Factory is making business sales of 94 Mio m2 corrugated products per year (data from 2014).


Faster Forward

Dunapack’s agile transformation in order to serve our customers faster and better.