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Company Group

„From waste, value” – a fully integrated company

The Dunapack Packaging Division is a company group in Central and Eastern Europe producing corrugated cardboard packaging materials. The Packaging Division belongs to a vertically integrated company group, part of the Prinzhorn group, present in Hungary since 1990 as an important waste management company (Duparec Kft.), the most significant waste collecting and paper producing facility (Hamburger Hungária Kft.), and the greatest manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging solutions (Dunapack Kft.). The three individual divisions of the group assure full cycle of recycling paper based packaging materials.

Every member of the Prinzhorn Group puts great emphasis on reducing their ecological footprint and on further increasing the already high environmental protection standards. The goal of the energy-saving investments and the endeavours to use renewable resources is to achieve sustainable production and to increase the self-sustainability of the individual factories.