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Quality, Certificates


Our quality assurance system certified according to the ISO 9001 standard has been effectively operating since 1994, which was accompanied in 2000 by our environmental management system certificate according to ISO 14001, and our occupational health and safety system certification according to OHSAS 18001 in 2003. Our existing integrated management system combines compliance with the three standards in the fields of design, manufacturing and sales, which is also supported by our goals described in our integrated management policies.

As a market-leading company in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard products in Hungary, our primary goals include full satisfaction of our customers' quality requirements.

In addition, we obtained FSC® certification in April 2013. (FSC® CoC - Chain of Custody certification: All actors in the supply chain, from forest to paper processing plant, are FSC® certified)

All our paper suppliers are FSC® certified, that is, all paper used in our products comes from verified sources.

This means that we are able to ship FSC® certified products as required by our customers.

Our FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification is valid from February 13, 2020 to our Budapest site, and we are planning to extend it to our other factories. Our manufacturing plant in Csepel is certified to produce both primary and secondary food packaging materials. In line with the requirements of the system, we were able to raise our former hygiene system to a higher level, which we will continue to improve.

Quality control

Compliance with quality requirements is ensured by continuous quality control covering all phases of production.
Our climate-controlled quality control laboratories have all necessary measuring equipment/instruments to measure corrugated cardboard-products and the relevant raw materials.


Base paper measurements:

  • determination of basis weight (grammage)
  • thickness measurement
  • bursting strength test
  • SCT, CMT measurements
  • Cobb test (60/1800)


Corrugated paper-product measurements:

  • determination of basis weight (grammage)
  • thickness measurement
  • bursting strength test
  • ECT, FCT measurement
  • Cobb test (60/1800)
  • BCT test
  • bending stiffness test

We reserve the right to apply the quality criteria specified in the Dunapack Ltd. Corrugated Product Test Catalog unless otherwise agreed.