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In the automated lines applied in Dunapack Kft's plants, various corrugated cardboard boxes, paper trays and other accessories are produced in the shortest possible time.. Using our board machines, cardboard paper is manufactured from base papers produced in the paper mills of our company group. As the only manufacturer in Hungary, we have 3 board machines at 3 locations: Budapest, Dunaújváros and Nyíregyháza. We produce three-layer (C, B, E) and five-layer (BC, EE, EC, EB, BB) corrugated boards, these are used to produce boxes with on-demand design.

With our continuous improvements and investment projects, our goal is to be capable of using recycled paper, improving print quality with our developed technology to the greatest extent possible, thereby minimizing our environmental impact.

From an environmental perspective, the highest class is represented by water-based flexographic printing, which technology uses 1-7 color high-quality graphics printing on the packaging. In addition to high-quality direct flexographic printing we also use sheet-laminating technology and offset printing to manufacture boxes.

The wide options arising from our machinery make possible to use flatbed or rotarycutout, bending, bonding options and stapling to producing various designs ofmerchandising, collecting-transporting packages.

Apart from automated manufacturing, we also provide to our partners unique, small-series and complex solutions, such as complex (even non-paper based) packaging implementation completion, compilation.


 We are also glad to meet our partners' following specific needs:

  • multi-color printed label laminating on one side of the boxes
  • using waterproof and/or greaseproof coating sheet
  • providing paper edge protection to create a unit load
  • ensuring a uniform presentation of a packaging system consisting of multiple elements
  • complex packaging solutions, set configuration, assembly.