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Coronavirus-Pandemic: packaging materials are planned in virtual reality

November 16, 2020 - Dunapack's hobby has been a whole group-wide innovation and a forward-looking innovation in the sector: entering virtual reality, customers receive and check prototypes of ordered packaging materials and boxes. And the VR glasses needed for use were, of course, made of paper at Dunapack.

All companies have been affected by the coronavirus epidemic, with business operators giving different responses to this compulsion. Dunapack's solution was a digital development that moved the entire process of designing, producing and approving prototypes into cyberspace.

The prototype can be verified by not needing to be manufactured

As a result of the quarantine situation ordered due to the coronavirus, it was more difficult to deliver the finished prototype to customers. In the packaging sector, it has been the practice to send the customer a manufactured sample piece that exists in physical space. This process has become cumbersome due to pandemic. In response to these challenges, the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies at Dunapack has replaced previous processes.

Prototype boxes in cyber space: a forward-looking response to the crisis

The box design , which has already been computer-designed, has been linked to the latest technological tools. By ingreming and making small changes to existing software, they've created a design process that gives customers easy access to completed box designs on any device. With the Augmented Reality (AR) solution, the customer can project virtual box designs into real space using their mobile phone or tablet camera, which can be moved, rotated and walked around.

A two-week process was reduced to one day

According to Dunapack, the innovation is almost exclusively advantageous: it is extremely fast, because after planning, the production and delivery process of up to 2 weeks, until the first box sample reached the customer, was reduced to one click. In Dunapack's virtual reality (VR) solution, the customer sees the entire virtual space. The program is able to change the user's perspective and to take a closer look at the product. All this requires a VR goggle, Dunapack has developed its own device; the housing around the hardware is -  of course-  made of paper.

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