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High demand for Smart Packaging

Horst Santner our Cluster Managing Director reports on this in the specialist magazine for trade and industry, 'REGAL', of 03.2021.

The demand for multifunctional corrugated cardboard packaging for distribution of products has increased exponentially due to the changing consumer and global environment. However, in this setting, sustainability and quality requirements of both customers and end users remain unchanged.

The global decline in readily available raw materials, the sharp increase in paper prices and reduced availability of recyclable materials are well known, but at Dunapack we remain trend driven. These external factors contribute to our resolve to find positive solutions in a safety and hygiene oriented world, but also to remain agile enough to comply with all demands and challenges.

Look out for more shelf-ready packaging, easier to return packaging designs and particularly for practical innovations such as the easy to dispose Coffee-to-Go paper cups and box.