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Serving the youth

Last year, Dunapack Ltd. decided to donate a generous amount of money to educational institutions across the country to provide the right tools and conditions for their learning, thus contributing to their future development.

The donation was not easy to use, as schools and kindergartens had to close and then cathch up with delayed tasks when they reopened. Despite all this, we would like to give you a brief report on what we have done for the students.

The donations were made through foundations, and they were all very grateful for our initiative. 

We asked the School District Centres for help in selecting the institutions to be supported.

In Budapest, there is a primary school for autistic children and a segregated kindergarten group in the methodological institution that has already successfully used our donation. The money has helped them to buy laptops for all the classes in the school, which they can use very well during their daily lessons, in the use of e-creta and during the digital school periods. The institution said, "This is the biggest investment in the history of our organisation and it could not have happened without your help."

Two high schools in Nyíregyháza have received financial support, which they've used to improve IT classrooms and to reward "good student - good sportsman" pupils with digital equipment.

We hope that the other institutions will soon be able to use our support, which is going to be for the following purposes:

  • upgrading indoor and outdoor furniture in student common rooms
  • improving the indoor and outdoor facilities and equipment of their community centres.

We are delighted that we have been and continue to be able to help thousands of children by improving their quality of life during their daily school activities.