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Fruits and Vegetables

The paper boxes used for the packaging of fruits and vegetables must suit several demands. Tomatoes, green peppers, asparagus, cucumbers, mushrooms, and other vegetables, stone fruits, berries, apples, melons can be excellently packed, stored, and delivered in our transport and display corrugated cardboard boxes produced for the fruits and vegetables industry.

 Domestic and export transport of packages of watermelon, the biggest Hungarian fruit, can be safely solved in our special watermelon paper boxes (4-6 pieces in a package). Our huge and high strength paper watermelon containers (fitting EUR pallet size) for 180, 380, and 400 kg (1200x1000mm) fruits can be directly placed onto shop floor and function as dispenser displays as well.

Features and advantages of paper boxes fit for fruit and vegetable packaging:

  • moisture-resistance
  • high load bearing capacity
  • appropriate for cold transport
  • many-colour, eye appealing graphic prints on the boxes
  • environmental friendly and hygienic packaging materials
  • economic, cost efficient use (lighter than wooden and plastic crates, can be stored flatted out until use)
  • tray sizes fitting EUR pallets (1200x800 mm)
  • folding opportunity at the place of use either manually or by mobile single-purpose machines (which folds and glues the trays automatically)


Upon request and in case of agreement Dunapack Kft. provides help and assistance in the installation of mobile single-purpose box set up machines.