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Default Products

Semi-finished boxes

Stitching and gluing of semi-finished boxes. Production of big size packing, oversized trays manufactured without tool, for example: for the usage of furniture industry.

Corrugated Sheets

Production of corrugated sheets from rolls for direct use and for additional converting (for example: die-cutting). Possibility to cut up 100 m rolls for household usage. Cutting of rolls lengthwise upon size demands.

Die-cut boxes

Production of die-cut boxes in unprinted and coloured, printed versions. Manufacturing of additional big-size die-cut products.

Dividers and separators

Production of dividers and separators (assembled, too, upon request ready-made as well).

Slitted products

Making of slitted products.

American type boxes

Production of a wide range top covered unprinted, one colour and two colour printed boxes. With hand holes or other die-cuttings.