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World Environment Day – June 5th

We, at Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5th

... by planting all together 12 pieces of golden Thuja on our renewed alley "100 steps to my health." 

World Environment Day and the accompanying Green Week (01-06 June) are held every year with a different motto. This year's Green Week, the European Union (EU) will focus on biodiversity in the context of this broader ecological crisis. It will call for urgent action, will explore possible ways to change and will explore a number of EU policies. 

During a study of plant species on the territory of our plant, a graduate of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv, it turned out that we have a good green system that is in line with the ecological characteristics of the particular habitat. 

There are presented 13 different tree and shrub species of plants, then planting the golden Thuja now we have 14.