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International Dunapack Packaging

Situation in Ukraine – Letter to Business Partners

Dear business partners,


Herewith we would like to proactively inform you about the influence, the current military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has on Dunapack Packaging Division, member of Prinzhorn Group.




We are maintaining two packaging plants in Ukraine, one in Oleshky (location near city of Kherson) and one in Khodoriv (in the Western part of Ukraine near Lviv). 

Production is currently stopped in both plants. 

Under the current circumstances life and safety of our personnel have the highest priority. 

We are ready immediately to re-open and start operations in Oleshky once circumstances will allow us to do so and plant in Khodoriv is ready for operation.  
Ukrainian packaging plants contribute close to 5% of Dunapack Packaging corrugated packaging sales volume.  

Based on our geographical presence throughout Central/Eastern Europe and Turkey, we do currently not see a major impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on Dunapack Packaging’s overall  performance and service to our business partners.

We are monitoring the situation closely and take appropriate actions if necessary. 

Dunapack Packaging and entire Prinzhorn Group had a good start in the Financial Year 2022 and will further follow its growth path under the GROW2030 strategic plan.

In case of further questions please contact our Chief Direction Officer (Sales & Marketing) - Mr. Stanislav Razpopov (   

Dunapack Packaging Division Management Team