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Recruitment Process

We select our recruitment methods depending on the position specific requirements. However, a standard recruitment process consists of several basic stages. The decision-making process of selecting a job candidate is based on the matching principle, i.e. we want the candidate to meet the position-related expectations but we also want the position to meet the candidate's expectations so as it gives the candidate an opportunity for the development and satisfaction in tasks performed.  


1. Just Apply! 

If you want to join a team of Dunapack Eurobox employees check job offers in the website tab Current job offers or in external recruitment portals (e.g. Find an offer you are most interested in and send us your application documents. 


2. Telephone conversation 

We select CVs, which correspond to the requirements of a given position. After your application is positively assessed, you may expect a telephone call from the HR Department employee. At this stage, we just want to confirm basic information of your application and fix a possible date of a direct recruitment meeting. 


3. Recruitment meeting  

Such a meeting is a two-stage process involving a HR Department employee and your immediate potential superior. It is a moment when we would like to learn more about you, i.e. about your experience, motives, professional targets; it is also a moment when you may learn more about work in Dunapack Eurobox. 


4. Welcome to the team of Dunapack Eurobox 

When you pass through the foregoing stages successfully, we will make an offer providing you with all terms and conditions of your employment. If you accept them, it will mean that we may give you a warm welcome to our team!