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Vision, Mission & Core Values


We are passionate to serve customers the best recycling, paper and packaging solutions.


  • We recover valuable raw materials and optimize the value chain for our customers.
  • We produce advanced recycled containerboard to exceed customer expectations. 
  • We deliver innovative and competitive packaging solutions for our customer supply chain. 


Our Core Values 

In a sense of long term thinking and being sustainable in whatever we do. This thought is deeply rooted in us being a family business taking care of our employees, our customers and the environment around us

In a sense of high level customer orientation. Whatever we do, we do to satisfy external but also our internal customers

This is again something rooted in being a family business. It defines the determination and the energy we put behind our activities, no matter how many obstacles we need to overcome. This is something that really differentiates us from any other corporate business, makes us unique and also adds the so important “fun” element to our daily work