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Technical Consultancy and Design

Since the design, graphic and quality of the used cardboard and the packaging as a whole are essential in differentiating them from other similar packagings, all economies in this field will be costly in time if the following steps will not be observed:
Main steps in conceiving a new packaging:

  • Drawing up a data sheet with the client's requirements comprising all the necessary data for manufacturing the product
  • The data sheet must contain the following items:
    • printing model
    • color printing order
    • positioning
    • dimensions of the box
    • data regarding cutting
    • fabrication route
    • number of nests
    • other data required for production.
  • Processing the data in the informatic system in order to elaborate the price offer
  • On client's request samples are made and forwarded for approval.
  • Client approval for suggested model or models is to be gained.
  • Making necessary steps for manufacturing:
    • realizing printing graphic (used in cases when boxes need to be printed)
    • checking printing graphics by the designer and forwarding to the client for approval
    • obtaining the "pass for press" from client and the approval for printing graphic to execute the blocking plate based on the graphic
    • making cutting dies
    • the launching, following up and checking of orders for the cutting dies are made by the responsible designer
  • The product is considered homologized after execution of the first box and signing its data sheet by the homologating committee.