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Advantages of currugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard packagings have many advantages. Due to this, at present, more than 50% of the goods manufactured worldwide are packed and stored, transported or merchandised with their contribution. The most significant advantages of corrugated cardboard packages are:

  • Protects the products due to the corrugated cardboard's high capacity to overtake mechanical actions by the structure of the cardboard.
  • They are 3 times lighter than those made of wood, increasing this way the net weight of the transported goods and cutting transport expenses.
  • Production costs are significantly lower compared to other packaging categories. These packagings can be stored and transported folded, offering customers a significant economy of space.
  • Facilitates the sale of goods since detailed information regarding the content of the product but also other advertising elements can be printed on the boxes; quite often corrugated cardboard packagings accompany the products from the moment of packing to the moment of selling, as they are also used as a support for displaying the products on the rafts.
  • The reduced designing and manufacturing process of the corrugated cardboard packagings, due to computer assisted designing technology and machines with high level of automation and productivity, result in the compression in time of the different phases of execution.
  • Full recycling of used packagings and using them in manufacturing paper for corrugated cardboard packagings make these types of packagings 100% ecologic.

Due to their characteristics - reduced weight, high mechanical resistance, good protection of the products even in conditions of low temperature and humidity, quality product display - corrugated cardboard packagings satisfy event the highest demands of the different industrial branches.