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Short history of currugated cardboard


Healey and Allen obtain, for the fist time in England, corrugated paper, through a mechanic procedure of passing the paper between two corrugated rolls. This product was used as a strengthening element for the cylindrical parts of hats



The American Albert L. Jones obtains a patent for wrapping bottles and he is the first to use corrugated cardboard for packaging.



Corrugated cardboard appears in the USA, in the same time, Oliver Long comes up with the idea to add, by gluing, a layer of paper on nodules. After the method is patented the term corrugated cardboard appears.
Immediately after this, Thompson and Norris conceive the first power-driven corrugating unit, so cardboard is mass-produced and distributed in North America and Europe.
At the beginning of the 20th century the first continuously functioning corrugated cardboard manufacturing machines appear.
Concomitant with the development of the industry of consumer goods and the industry of cellulose and paper, corrugated cardboard gains ground in the packaging industry, first in the USA then in France, England and Germany.


1956-The first corrugated cardboard production capacity is set to work in Romania, in Ghimbav. In the following decades this sector undergoes significant developments.