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Quality, Environment and EHS

In context of quality, environment and health and safety policy, our aim is to create value and to continuously improve our products and services in order to grow customer satisfaction by meeting:

  • Customer expectations with product quality, skilled human resources, technical and sales support
  • Shareholder expectations by close cooperation with our suppliers, high productivity, investments and competitiveness
  • Employee expectations with controlled working conditions, safe work environment and pro-active risk determination actions, by preventing occupational illness and workplace accidents
  • Environmental requirements by preventing pollution and efficient use of sustainable resources
  • Community expectations by being socially responsible and pursuing ethical values
  • Requirements of our country by complying with local, international, legal and other compliance responsibilities



 Sf├óntu Gheorghe 9001, 14001, Ecovadis, Sedex, FSSC, FSC┬«
 Bolintin Deal 9001, 14001, Ecovadis, Sedex, BRC, FSC┬«
 Scopes of the management systems are determined on the certificates