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Automation of Production Processes

The digital operative surveillance system for the whole production process assures a high and constant quality for our products.

The corrugated cardboard produced by Dunapack Rambox in the form of rolls and sheets is manufactured by a corrugator set to work in 2003 with "Simon" basic equipment and having a nominal capacity of 91 million m2/year corrugated cardboard types II, III and V.

The basic materials used for manufacturing corrugated cardboard are the core paper, the intermediate linerboard (testliner) and top linerboard (kraftliner), acquired from specialized factories from Romania or from abroad. In most cases these materials are bought from factories belonging to our group, benefiting from the long experience in this domain and the guaranteed quality. These basic materials meet the qualitative exigencies imposed by the corrugated cardboard manufacturing process.


The main phases of the technological process:

  • Preparing starch glue
  • Manufacturing corrugated cardboard
  • Making boxes of corrugated cardboard

For more information please view the Dunapack presentation video.


Corrugated cardboard packagings - whether they are boxes printed in up to four colors using the flexographic printing technique, or glued, punched, stapled boxes - are manufactured in the corrugated cardboard confection area.

Confection workshop has complex equipments that gives us the possibility to produce a large variety of corrugated cardboard boxes, not only from the smallest to the greatest sizes but in the most ingenious constructive designs. For more examples please visit our products section.

Our consultants specialized in packaging solutions are always at your disposal with personalized solutions for your products' specific packaging needs.