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Once an order is placed at Dunapack Packaging in Romania, we make sure that shortly after leaving the flow sheet the product is overtaken and delivered to the destination indicated by you.

Dunapack Rambox guarantees the prompt delivery of our products in the country as well as for export through our subcontracted suppliers for transport services or using our own transport system.

With 7000 square meters of storing capacity and approximately 2800 pallets of finished products Dunapack Rambox offers its customers the possibility of making buffer stocks when needed, for a short period of time.

Products are stored under constant temperature and humidity according to the customers request. Moreover, the level of natural illumination is at the supportability limits of the products.

The warehouse is equipped with dust removing system and devices against insects in order to maintain the necessary hygiene.

Products are stored in well defined places with necessary space to avoid accidental damages.

The flow sheet is designed in a way to reduce ulterior handling to minimum in order to avoid damages.

All the handling operations are realized by high performance machines, while on the charging platform products are directly loaded on the means of transport.