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For your information, flexography is a rotational printing procedure using photopolymeric clichés to transfer the ink on the printable surface. The ink is water-based.

The printing procedure is executed before gluing or punching the corrugated cardboard.


Among the many advantages of this kind of printing we may highlight the following:

  • Gives more stability to the corrugated cardboard.
  • Minimizes the amount of dust resulted from printing process.
  • Offers the possibility to print a large variety of corrugated cardboard materials/structures.
  • Offers the possibility to produce profitably large run works in a very short time.


In 2009 Dunapack Rambox inaugurated its own station for preparing and deriving water-based inks, which gives us countless possibilities to combine colors in order to meet the most sophisticated exigencies of our customers. This facility is very useful when it comes to orders of large quantities of packaging and even more in cases of orders for which the same color must be used for the graphic of more orders for a long period of time.