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Our Human Recources Philosophy

Human Resources at Dunapack Packaging play an active role in strategic decisions with a proactive, innovative approach. The HR department executes a success-based, modern Human Resources strategy that is in line with the corporate targets and in coordination with other business units. 

The basic functions of Dunapack Packaging Human Resources are to provide skilled labor force, to create the infrastructure needed to perform tasks with high motivation, to help them develop their knowledge and skills so that they are ready for their career path.


In line with Prinzhorn Holding Code of Conduct, Dunapack Packaging Human Resources department

  • Provides each candidate equal employment opportunities starting from the recruitment phase
  • Creates a proper working environment that is in line with the occupational health and safety regulations
  • Creates a business environment that motivates and encourages for positive relationships
  • Ensures that employees perform at their highest level of potential in accordance with their knowledge and skills
  • Gets involved in projects to increase employee commitment to the company
  • Develops communication opportunities between employees and the upper management 
  • Conducts regulations to develop employees’ efficiency at work
  • Focuses on employees’ personal and work related development and supports them by providing trainings starting from their orientation phase.