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International Prinzhorn Holding Hungary

Dunapack Packaging Vienna Winner of Green Packaging Award Austria 2020 & Wellpappe Austria Award 2020 in the category Sustainability

It is a pleasure to inform you that our JUST IN – Paperbox has won above mentioned awards

This is how the paper cycle works

We developed the Just> In® together with our customers and can thus ensure the paper cycle with Tork Paper Circle®, that the service is efficient and sustainable and meets your requirements. This is how it works in practice.

• Your visitors and employees use the washrooms as usual but throw their paper towels into the Just> In® container after drying their hands - the signs in the washroom make this easy and intuitive.

• The cleaning staff or the customer himself presses the “optically” full Just> In® together with the specially developed insert sheets, thus creating space for additional paper towels. This process is repeated until the Just> In® is actually full. The cleaning staff then swaps the full Just> In® for a new Just> In®.