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Welcome to Dunapack Packaging Italy

Dunapack Packaging Italy is a member of Dunapack Packaging Division of the Prinzhorn Group, which in September 2023 acquired 100% of company's shares.

Dunapack Packaging Italy

Dunapack Packaging, Scatolificio La Veggia
6, Via Maestrale
42014 Roteglia

Phone:  +39 0536 864411

About Dunapack Packaging Italy

Scatolificio La Veggia was founded in 1964 and over the years, from a small box factory it became a big plant with 2 corrugators and 11 converting machines.

Almost 60 years of history and the expertise of a Big Group to provide innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

Type of products:

  • Rotary die cut up to 4 colours
  • flat die cut up to 6 colours
  • american boxes up to 4 colours
  • folder glued boxes sheets

Flute type: E, B, C, D, EB, BC



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