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Your Career at Dunapack Packaging


Are you looking for a rewarding and

challenging career

in a growing and sustainable industry?



Be part of a dynamic and

international team

that values your skills and potential!



Imagine you are part of a sustainable, high professional and stable working-environment, still family owned since 1853.

Our teams are working together on eye-level, with fun and real passion. We choose to invest in our employees because only with educated, skilled and motivated colleagues we find ways to improve and develop every day.

It’s the WE that makes us different and therefore WE WILL.


Work with us!


  • join a growing and international group that offers various projects and tasks to work on
  • Use modern equipment and technologies that increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Have a stable, healthy and positive work environment that encourages cooperation and creativity

  • Get human resources development, feedback sessions and career opportunities that help you improve and progress professionally
  • Find a good balance between work and life and quality work conditions that suit your needs and preferences
  • Enjoy appealing social benefits 

  • Value diversity and equal opportunity that recognize your unique skills and views
  • Care about sustainability and environmental responsibility that contribute to the planet and society in a positive way
  • Take part in health and safety programs that take care of your well-being and protection

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Grab the chance 
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Your career at Dunapack Packaging Austria

For Dunapack Packaging Austria, success is not only measured in numbers, but also in employee satisfaction.

We are convinced that our employees are the key resource for the company's success. They are the ones who make the success of our company. They contribute their strengths and thus drive ideas forward. Their commitment and trust are the prerequisite for being able to inspire our customers and thus lay the foundation for our economic success.

Job offers

Discover our current job offers and become part of our team.

Discover our current job offers


A future-proof apprenticeship with promising career opportunities and a great working atmosphere.

see more about our Apprenticeship

Satisfied employees as our greatest asset
From intensive induction to individual development and coaching - we consider the development of our employees as an essential investment in the future of our company. Their ideas and competences are a key factor for Dunapack Packaging Austria. All employees - from apprentices to managers - have access to a wide range of opportunities for qualification and personnel development.


Your career at Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv

  • We believe that people are the most valuable investment and the key to success for our Company.
  • Creative and motivated team stays behind each new customer and every successful solution. We confide them the responsibilities and give them freedom to develop their potential.
  • The company ensures professional education in accordance with company’s goals and employees’ requirements.
  • The remuneration policy is based on corporate rules. The key factors include responsibility, experience and contribution to the company’s achievements.

If our philosophy draws your attention and you would like to become a part of the team of Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv, please send us your CV via e-mail:  


Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.



Internship Program

Internship Program ”Give start to your career” at Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv gives opportunities to students after 2nd year at the university as well as with Bachelor or Master degree to start their professional way at an international company – packaging production leader.

Duration – depending on students, negotiated individually.

The company proposes full-time employee to the best performers in the event, depending upon available positions.

Required documents for applying:

  • CV with photo
  • Cover letter with indicated preferable professional field, length period of the internship program
  • Proof of student rights – students ID, certificate, etc.

Deadline for applying: year-round documents admission.

We ensure full compliance of the Law on Personal Data protection.

All received applications will be considered and an invitation for a meeting will receive only shortlisted candidates.

Thank you for your interest and wish you success!

Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.


Cooperation with School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok

Excellent cooperation between Valoviti papir - Dunapack d.o.o. and School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok

To be ready for modern business demands the School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok has started cooperating with local businesses to insure the readiness of their pupils in the open market.

In order to involve  pupils more to an actual working environment, an agreement has been made between the school and our company. Practice work is organized in Dunapack packaging Zabok allowing children a better understanding of actual business needs and after school work possibilities.

During the past year several introductory workshops were organized.

The workshops  were focused on construction/design of cardboard boxes, details of the corrugator machine and converting machines but also included work safety aspects

Hats with company logos were given as complementary gifts to all participants.

To promote after school work possibilities Valoviti papir – Dunapack d.o.o. from Zabok presented  their factory to pupils. A donation was made to the school and scholarships are offered  to pupils.

In 2019.  Dunapack packaging Zabok has granted 3 scholarship to pupils with the prospect of future employment in the company.




Dunapack Packaging Spremberg measures its success not just in figures but also in employee satisfaction. We are convinced that our employees are the key resource for the success of our company. They make or break our company's success.

They contribute their strengths and drive ideas forwards. Their commitment and trust inspire our customers and as such create the foundation for our economic success.

We see the development of our employees as a key investment in the future of our company – from intensive induction to individual further development and coaching. Their ideas and competences are a key factor for Dunapack Spremberg. Many different qualification and personal development opportunities are available to all employees – from trainees to top managers.

Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.


About us


Dunapack Spremberg GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the Austrian company Prinzhorn Holding. The family-owned company group now employs over 10,000 people in 16 countries, produces over a million tonnes of paper every yearand is a market leader in Central and Eastern Europe.

At our location in Spremberg we have over 250 employees, who work with great dedication to our customers. This small town in Lausitz is our high-tech location and features excellent technology. Thanks to our development skills and expertise, we can realise your requirements quickly. We work with a closed, sustainable and effective recyclable materials cycle that is secure from a supply perspective: Starting with paper recycling and moving right up to manufacturing high-quality packaging.


Footing of your career

Since 2005, we offer young people the opportunity for vocational training in our company. With our experienced trainers and our external cooperation partners the apprentices design the foundationfor their careers and the future of our company.

Furthermore, modules in other companies of the Prinzhorn group as well as at training partners in Germany or abroad can be part of the training. The exchange between different locations during the apprenticeship is laying the foundation for our perspective professions.


Apply now

You can conveniently submit your application online in our career portal.

Why choose Dunapack Packaging Hellas?

Dunapack Packaging Hellas is present for the last 50 years in Greece and offers innovative and competitive packaging solutions. The new factory, which has been operating since 2000 in Schimatari, has over 210 highly trained workers and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

People are our first concern:
Setting health and safety at work and the continuous development of our employees as our top priorities, ensures the creation of a strong TEAM.
We work with passion and joy in a positive atmosphere supported by the entire organization.
Our long-term growth strategy is focused on maximizing customer satisfaction through proud employees who strive for continuous improvement and creation of value-added products.
Our goal is to continuously invest in the development of our executives and to make the most of their abilities. We encourage and support our people both professionally and personally.

If you wish to become a member of the team of Dunapack Packaging Hellas you can send your CV to recruitment.hellas(at)

Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.

Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.


With us, you can be your true self

Dunapack Kft. offers a clean and friendly working environment with continuous development opportunities. We respect each other and nature; we maintain a great atmosphere in our day-to-day operations and team building activities and at our company events.

What do we believe in?

We believe that happy employees are the most valuable workforce for Dunapack. At our company, you can work in a clean environment, you will be valued, we will cover your health care needs, we have a gym as well as many sports and games.

We believe in team spirit.


  • We cover your health care needs
  • We offer non-monetary incentives
  • We provide uniforms free of charge, naturally
  • We provide free coffee and beverages
  • We provide travel assistance in accordance with applicable legislation
  • We offer housing aid
  • We offer salary and career opportunities commensurate with your knowledge


Get to know us and join our Team

Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.


What does it mean to be part of Eurobox Polska?

  • We are a leading producer of high-quality corrugated cardboard and packaging in Poland.
  • The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1998 and is part of the Dunapack Packaging division, the largest industry producer of paper, corrugated board and packaging in Central Europe.
  • We provide stable employment in a company with an established position on the Polish and European market.
  • We care about the development of our employees and give them the opportunity to be promoted in the structures of our company.
  • We offer attractive and motivating employment conditions and a rich package of additional benefits.

Recruitment process

 Our recruitment methods are selected each time to the specificity of the position, however, as a standard, each recruitment process consists of several basic stages. When making the decision to select a candidate, we are guided by the assessment of mutual matching - we want the candidate to meet the expectations related to the position, but we also want the position to match his expectations - giving the opportunity for development and satisfaction with the tasks performed.

Attitude and engagement are equally important to us. We are looking for passionate people who derive satisfaction from the tasks they perform and the goals they achieve.

  1. Apply!
    If you want to join the team of Dunapack Eurobox employees, look for offers in the Job offers tab or on external recruitment portals (including Find the offer that interests you the most and submit your application documents.
  2. Telephone interview
    From among the CVs sent, we select the ones most suited to the requirements of the proposed position. After a positive assessment of your application, you can expect a telephone contact from an employee of the HR Department. At this stage, we want to confirm the basic information contained in your application and set a possible date for a direct recruitment meeting.
  3. Recruitment meeting
    The face-to-face meeting usually takes place in two stages and on the Dunapack Eurobox side it involves an HR department employee and your potential supervisor. This is the moment when we want to get to know you better: to learn more about your experience, motivation, career goals, but also a moment for you to learn more about working at Dunapack Eurobox.
  4. Welcome to the Dunapack Eurobox Team.

After successfully completing the above steps, we will make you an offer containing all the proposed terms and conditions of employment. If you accept it, it means that we can welcome you to our Team!


Employees about Us

  • I started working at Dunapack Eurobox Polska in 2017 as a Senior Accountant. In 2019, I was submitted to the Talent Management program, which aims to promote and develop talented employees. A year later I was promoted to the position of Accounting Manager. It was and still is a huge challenge for me.

    Dunapack Eurobox recognizes and appreciates the potential and skills of its employees. We can share our knowledge and experience and develop our career not only locally but also throughout the Prinzhorn Group. Additionally, Dunapack Eurobox offers its employees vocational and language training opportunities, a large social package and private medical care. The company has a stable market situation, which is very important nowadays.

    Anna, Accounting Manager

  • My entire professional career is related to Dunapack Eurobox. I have been working in the company for 21 years, currently as a Processing Manager. Over the years, I have seen the expansion of the plant in Ujazd, the creation of a new factory in Lubliniec, the introduction of new machines and technologies, and the acquisition of new customers. What is particularly impressive to me, however, is the development of people that I had the pleasure to observe. I am the best example of this myself. I started with the position of a Train Driver, then I was a Senior Train Driver, then Shift Manager, and 6 years ago I took up my current position.

    Dunapack Eurobox provides an opportunity to develop your skills and prove yourself in various fields. Many of my colleagues have been with the company for as long as I am. This is the best evidence that Eurobox is a good place to work, but also to develop your competences.

    Radosław, Converting Manager

  • I can honestly say about working at Dunapack Eurobox that I simply like it in the world. I am satisfied with the contact with our clients. Possibility to advise them in choosing the right packaging for their needs. The company has very good technological, construction and production facilities, therefore we are able to meet the most demanding expectations. It definitely makes my job easier.

    I have been with the company for 14 years. I started as a Customer Service Specialist, and for several months I have been working as a Sales Representative in the field. I especially appreciate the cooperation in our team - we can always count on each other and we are happy to share our experiences.

    Agata, Key Account Manager

  • I started working at Dunapack Eurobox when Wiktor was 9 years old. Back then, I did not think there would come a time when we would work in one company. However, when my son started his career several years later, I encouraged him to try his hand at Dunapack Eurobox. It is a reliable company that cares about its employees. It not only creates good working conditions for us, but also takes care of the social background. Numerous benefits support us in everyday life.

    Zbigniew i Wiktor

  • I have been working at Dunapack Eurobox for 5 years. It was a time of very intensive development for me. I joined the company as an Operator, but quickly got a chance to develop my competences. I was invited to participate in the Management Academy training program, thanks to which I developed my leadership skills. This, in turn, translated into the possibility of being promoted to Shift Manager, and later to Processing Manager.

    Dunapack Eurobox provides me with a variety of challenges, I can expect something new every day. I can't complain about boredom :)

    At work at Dunapack Eurobox, I especially appreciate programs dedicated to employees - "Recommend a job" and "Educate an operator". Thanks to them, we have a real influence on the shape of our team and the quality of our work. We create a team in which you want to work. It is also important to me that the company cares about its employees, offers attractive benefits and cares about the environment.

    Łukasz, Converting Manager


Become part of our team and discover our current vacancies on our job platform.



This is the page of your opportunities.

Here you can get acquainted with current vacancies and send your resume.


And here is what we can offer you.

  • Development and training. The company is constantly investing in employee training and it's not just courses. (More information can be found on the official page on LinkedIn)
  • Our managers are constantly improving their leadership skills and are ready to support the ideas of their colleagues. The style of working with the team is a coach.
  • Our environment shapes us. The company employs professionals who share our values, ready to support and help.
  • You can become part of an international company willing to face changes in the outside world and internal processes, where people are used to work in cross-functional teams.