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Welcome to Dunapack Packaging Poland

We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality corrugated cardboard and packaging in Poland.

The company has been present on the Polish market for over 20 years and is part of the Dunapack Packaging division, the largest industry manufacturer of paper, corrugated board and packaging in Central Europe.

Our first production plant was established in Ujazd in 1998.

The plant in Lubliniec was established in 2018.

Poland / Lubliniec

Dunapack Packaging Lubliniec

Inwestycyjna 1
42-700 Lubliniec
Poland / Ujazd

Dunapack Packaging Ujazd

Przesiadłów 1
97-225 Ujazd

About Dunapack Packaging Poland

  • 2 production plants
  • 550 Employees
  • 330 million m2
  • 7.2% market share
  • 25 years of experience

History of Dunapack Packaging Poland

1998 establishment of the first production plant in Ujazd in the Łódź region
1999 first launch of packaging production
2003 launch of a new BHS corrugator
2002 ISO certification
2005 expansion of the plant and renovation of the machinery park
2012 another expansion and increase in production capacity
2018 establishment of the second plant in Lubliniec in the Silesian region
2022 extension of the plant in Lubliniec


Dunapack Packaging is an innovative group of companies that are passionate about cardboard production and packaging. We promote creative and competitive packaging solutions in the supply chain for our Customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Belonging to the Prinzhorn holding allows us to provide our customers with a full range of products offered in the group and provides our employees with the opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of other companies.


We offer:

  • Packaging made of 3- and 5-layer corrugated cardboard with E, B, C, BC, EB, BE, EC flute types
  • Original solution - packaging made of cardboard with D, ED and DB waves
  • Display packaging with multicolor printing
  • Modern packaging solutions for the e-commerce industry
  • Various flap boxes made of 3- and 5-layer cardboard
  • Durable shipping cartons
  • Special boxes with the use of tearing, reinforcing and/or gluing tapes
  • Carton equipment - dividers, inserts and grids

The increase in innovation, extensive service, meeting the requirements of our customers and environmental requirements are the advantages resulting from continuous investment in human capital forming the core of Eurobox Polska.

What makes us stand out??

  • 25 years of experience in the cardboard and packaging industry
  • Modern and constantly modernized machine park
  • A specialized Design Department that adjusts each offered packaging to the needs of customers and their expectations
  • Internal Laboratory ensuring that each produced packaging meets the standards and requirements of our customers.
  • The highest logistic efficiency achieved through the rational and efficient use of each link in the supply chain
  • Efficient transport optimizations ensured by reducing the use of material while increasing the use of pallets
  • Actions aimed at improving the display attractiveness of our customers' products
  • Proactive approach: Verification Customers’ packaging process > Solution presenting > Goal achievement
  • The results of our optimization projects are noticeable very quickly and significantly reduce the impact of increased costs of raw materials, energy and other additional costs on the packaging process.
  • The circularity of our products within the Prinzhorn Holding ensures sustainable development and care for environmental aspects.

For the production of packaging, we use MARTIN, BOBST, EMBA machines.


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