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Eurobox Polska Sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of high quality corrugated cardboard and packaging in Poland. The Company has existed in Polish market since 1998 and is a part of Dunapack Packaging Division, the largest professional manufacturer of paper, corrugated cardboard and packaging in Central Europe. 

We offer:

  • corrugated three- and five-layer cardboard of E, B, C, BC, EB, BE, EC wave types, with diverse strength parameters
  • display packaging with multicolour printed designs, proven in retail chain and discount stores
  • cardboard flap boxes made of 3- and 5-layer cardboard, glued or sewn, with or without printed designs
  • resistant transport boxes for TV, HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES, AUTOMOTIVE and AGRO products
  • special-purpose boxes with tear, strengthening and /or gluing tapes for functionality improvement
  • box internal elements such as dividers, inserts and grids


With our technical and designing capabilities we may offer our Customer both display packaging with multicolour printing designs complying with retail chain and discount stores requirements (so called "shelf ready packaging") and solid bulk boxes with higher resistance to humidity providing the product effective protection during its transportation and storage in changeable conditions. Boxes for fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, paprika or carrots are our specialty. In our offer, we do not forget about boxes for LCD TV sets, small and large household appliances. As requested we use our own proven packaging designs that we have in our base of designs as well as we create new designs meeting specific functional and logistic requirements. All this involves our full support in the development of the box structure, artwork and optimal strength matching the solutions recommended. We are capable of adjusting the box structure to almost all automatic forming and packaging machines, also to manual folding. We can manufacture packaging with the "clean-cut" system tearing tapes allowing to eliminate troublesome perforations from packaging and to make the process of opening and goods display much easier. It is only this technology, which prevents box edges from their jagging keeping them even after the tape is torn. In addition to tearing tapes strengthening ones may be used in tear-sensitive elements of packaging (handles). Gluing tapes are also an option to protect the packaging from opening, e.g. in transport. We draw on our several years experience of packaging market and we support our Customers in extensive optimization and unification of packaging and the entire packaging process of their products. Our optimization projects give noticeable results very quickly and reduce an impact of growing costs of raw materials, energy and any other packaging process components. We make it a success! 

Eurobox Polska Sp. z o.o. jis a part of Dunapack Packaging, the largest professional manufacturer of paper, corrugated cardboard and packages in Central Europe. Our present share in the market of cardboard and packaging is at the level of 5%. In 2009, sales were at the level of over 130m of square meters of cardboard and packaging. At present packaging accounts for almost 80% of sales. Our machinery, including our cardboard machine, was thoroughly renewed and the production facility was enlarged in the last few years. Now we have one of most state-of-the-art machines to manufacture cardboard and cardboard packaging. Key changes were not only made in machinery. The company's staff also underwent them. In 2009, ISO 14001 environmental management system was implemented in the plant. Encouraged innovation, well-developed services, meeting halfway requirements set by our Customers and environment are strengths drawing on continuous investments in human resources, a core of Eurobox Polska. Dunapack Packaging is made up of innovative companies showing their passion for manufacturing paper and packaging. We promote packaging creative and competitive solutions focusing on the chain of supplies of our Customers in Central and Eastern Europe. The holding structure offers a clear advantage of a wide variety of products offered to our Customers and provides our staff with an opportunity for using experience and expertise of people in other plants within the group. A wide range of goods on offer and a continuous improvement are undoubtedly our real strength. We are also members of ALLIABOX federation, which gives an opportunity to provide international corporations all over Europe with our services. 

Faster Forward

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