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Dunapack Packaging in Romania


The Austrian concern Hamburger/ Mosburger/ Dunapack (today Prinzhorn Group) established a branch in Romania. The main activities of the branch were importing and selling corrugated cardboard products on the Romanian market 

Dec. 1996 -  
May 1997

In this period Dunapack Rambox was built at Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna county, one of the state-of-art factories of corrugated and micro-corrugated cardboard packagings in Romania, being one of the biggest foreign investments in Covasna county with a total value of 15 million USD.


From the very beginning Dunapack Rambox has been one of the unquestionable market leaders of corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard packagings in Romania.

Dunapack Packaging Romania in brief

Date of establishment:

7 February 1995

Scope of activity:

Manufacture of paper and corrugated cardboard; packages of paper and cardboard

Administrators (Managing Directors):

Indreica Cristian / SĂĽkan BuÄźra


Average number of employees 2019:


Turnover 2019:

142.233.391 lei


Total area of the factory:

Sfântu Gheorghe - 47,970 m2


Gross building area of the factory:

Sfântu Gheorghe - 15,998 m2


Production capacity:

Sfântu Gheorghe - 140,000,000 m2 / year