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Welcome to Dunapack Packaging Bulgaria

Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv is a leading producer of corrugated board and packaging, part of the Austrian holding company PRINZHORN HOLDING. We provide high quality and innovative packaging solutions. We use state-of-the art technology and care for sustainability and our environment: Our raw materials consist mainly of recycling paper. All our products are 100% recyclable.

Our customers are leading Bulgarian and international producers, export-oriented companies and industry leaders in Bulgaria.

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Dunapack Packaging Bulgaria

Dunapack-Rodina JSC
97, Maritza Blvd.
4003 Plovdiv

Phone: +359 32904 501
Email: office.plovdiv(at)

About Dunapack Packaging Bulgaria

Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv has a long tradition.

History of Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv

2003 to nowadays Revival, recovery and restructuring by the most modern standards of production in Europe.
2002 Became part of the Austrian holding company PRINZHORN HOLDING.
1996 Privatization and structural changes.
till 1990 The largest factory for corrugated paper and packaging on the Balkan Peninsula.
1962 Establishment of paper and packaging mill Rodina.


The investment policy of Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv is focused on continuous renewal and automation of the production in order to introduce new technologies and continually improve the quality of the manufactured corrugated board.

BGM Jumbo Container Line 20/48

Line for production of jumbo corrugated board packaging, including octabines, with the possibility of two-color printing, the latest generation of equipment and technologies worldwide.
High-speed machine with a sheet size width of 1000 to 4800 mm with options for gluing, sewing, laying metallized tape, as well as a combination of these operations.
The industries that used this kind of packaging are: automotive, chemical, bicycle manufacturers, production of refrigerators, water heaters, heating equipment, sanitary products, furniture, etc.
In addition to the listed above industries and sectors, the capabilities and capacity of the machine are also used by fruits and vegetables producers: pallet-boxes, able to hold and preserve hundreds of kilograms of production, providing an easy and secure transport, with an appropriate display structure and two-color flexo printing.


Machine for production of flat die-cutted packaging from corrugated board for 5-colour printing with high definiition and possibility to lay on varnish cover.

A to Z flexo printing – the machine prints micro and all types of coatings on the upper layer.


Flatbed diecutting machine with 2-color printing. This line is the only in Bulgaria diecutting machine with large-format 2.10 x 1.30 m. Its innovative Power Register system enables very accurate print-to-cut register to be achieved.

Our Other Machines

  • Corrugator line BHS 2.5 m
  • Six-point folding-gluing machine for flat die-cutted corrugated packaging
  • 3-color Converting flexo folder gluer machine MARTIN Midline 924 FFG
  • 4-color Converting flexo folder gluer machine MARTIN Midline 924 FP
  • Converting flat bеd die-cutting machine BOBST 1600
  • Automatic Tray forming machine


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