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Welcome to Dunapack Packaging Hungary

Dunapack Packaging Hungary has been the market leader in the production of corrugated packaging solutions in Hungary.  We are the member of the Austria-based holding company PRINZHORN GROUP. We provide high quality, tailor made and innovative packaging solutions. We use state-of-the art technology and care for sustainability and our environment: Our raw materials consist mainly of recycled paper. All our products are 100% recyclable.

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Hungary / Budapest

Dunapack Packaging Budapest

Duna u. 42
1215 Budapest
Hungary / Dunavarsány

Dunapack Packaging Dunavarsány (Postal Address)

Kandó Kálmán u. Hrsz: 5105/3
2336 Dunavarsány
Hungary / Mosonudvar

Dunapack Packaging Mosonudvar

8147 Hrsz.
9246 Mosonudvar
Hungary / Nyíregyháza

Dunapack Packaging Nyíregyháza

Tünde utca 2
4400 Nyíregyháza

About Dunapack Packaging Hungary

Unique business model in Hungary

As part of the Prinzhorn Group, Dunapack Packaging Hungary manufactures packaging solutions using corrugated board made of 90% recycled paper. The two other Hungarian divisions of the Prinzhorn Group work closely with Dunapack Packaging to implement a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable industrial-business model that is unique in Hungary:

  1. Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. collects and sorts paper and other secondary raw materials that can be recycled and used as raw materials in various industries.
  2. Hamburger Hungária Ltd. then manufactures high quality containerboard base paper from the collected recyclable paper at its site in Dunaújváros.
  3. This recycled base paper material is sent to Dunapack Packaging Hungary, where it is used to produce high quality and customised corrugated packaging solutions.


1923 Start of paper mill in Csepel
1963 Hungarian Paper Industry Company was established
1972 Factory in Nyíregyháza was opened
1973 Factory in Dunaújváros is built
1990 The joint venture Dunapack Papír és Csomagolónyag Rt. is established by Thomas Prinzhorn's Austrian investment companies
1995 100 % of Dunapack Rt.’s shares went to Prinzhorn Group
2003 Dunapack is expanding with sheet converter factories, among them with Mosonpack Ltd.
2011 With its transformation into Ltd., the integration of the domestic Dunapack into the international Dunapack group is completed

At Dunapack Packaging Hungary we can fulfil almost any unique demand with personally designed packaging solutions. The remarkably wide product range covers different corrugated cardboard types from single face rolls to 3 or 5-layer corrugated cardboard. Our packaging, transport, secondary, and display corrugated cardboard boxes and trays and linings made for the FMCG sector, the fruit and vegetable and other industries are unique, colorful constructions (American style, die cut, machine set up, shelf ready - display, Twin box, Dual box, etc.). We undertake designing special, multiple-unit constructions for packaging electronic and technical items, and manufacturing and delivering packaging tools that use only corrugated cardboard or other paper-based packaging materials.

Mosonpack is our Hungarian corrugated cardboard manufacturing company in Mosonudvar very close to the Austrian border. The subsidiary company founded in 2002 is 100% owned by Mosburger GmbH. We convert about 11 million m2corrugated board annually with our 50 colleagues. Due to our favorable location, we can provide „just-in-time” services in the area of  Vienna-Bratislava-Győr-Sopron-W. Neustadt. Owing to our customer oriented philosophy, which is the base of our overall activities, we are constantly applying economical, innovative, environmental friendly solutions. Via manufacturing small series, we can give the opportunity for our customers’ using up our products in a wide range and flexibly.


In the automated lines applied in Dunapack Kft's plants, various corrugated cardboard boxespaper trays and other accessories are produced in the shortest possible time.. Using our board machines, cardboard paper is manufactured from base papers produced in the paper mills of our company group. As the only manufacturer in Hungary, we have 3 board machines at 3 locations: Budapest, Dunaújváros and Nyíregyháza. We produce three-layer (C, B, E) and five-layer (BC, EE, EC, EB, BB) corrugated boards, these are used to produce boxes with on-demand design.

With our continuous improvements and investment projects, our goal is to be capable of using recycled paper, improving print quality with our developed technology to the greatest extent possible, thereby minimizing our environmental impact.

From an environmental perspective, the highest class is represented by water-based flexographic printing, which technology uses 1-7 color high-quality graphics printing on the packaging. In addition to high-quality direct flexographic printing we also use sheet-laminating technology and offset printing to manufacture boxes.

The wide options arising from our machinery make possible to use flatbed or rotarycutout, bending, bonding options and stapling to producing various designs ofmerchandising, collecting-transporting packages.

Apart from automated manufacturing, we also provide to our partners unique, small-series and complex solutions, such as complex (even non-paper based) packaging implementation completion, compilation.


We are also glad to meet our partners' following specific needs:

  • multi-color printed label laminating on one side of the boxes
  • using waterproof and/or greaseproof coating sheet
  • providing paper edge protection to create a unit load
  • ensuring a uniform presentation of a packaging system consisting of multiple elements
  • complex packaging solutions, set configuration, assembly.

Our services

Dunapack Kft.

The packaging materials are planned by our qualified designers, keeping in mind at all times to provide the most practical, lease expensive solution as a final result, while minimizing the use of materials.

Our designers' work is assisted by a computer-aided design (CAD) system.  In the course of planning, based on the product to be packaged or on its 3D (STEP, IGES) model, we prepare a 2D (two-dimensional) flat pattern of our packages in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system.  The CAD software allows the preparation of a 3D model, which is attached to the product drawing as required by our customers. Thus, the illustrated 3D drawing makes it easier to imagine the finished package and the packaging concept can be presented without the preparation of physical samples.

When designing the boxes, we also pay attention to transport-related stress affecting the packaging to make possible optimum transportation for our product both in assembled or semi-finished versions.

Adequate preparation is a prerequisite for good print quality. At our company, this is coordinated by a highly experienced graphics team. We trace the product from the exact demand to the print start

  • We prepare machine-specific processing.
  • We procure the printing form in a cost-effective manner.

Using plans prepared in a CAD system, a box sample is prepared on a CNC-controlled cutting machine and plotter, which can be tried on demand by our customers.

The boxes made on a sample cutting machines will model the product manufactured in the future.

We use a pallet-optimizing computer program to develop our customers' logistical processes. This is a software program assisting packaging design, which makes possible the design of exactly the same box sizes, which can be optimally loaded on the requested pallet size. This helps our customers significantly by providing maximum space utilization on transportation equipment and warehouses, thereby increasing cost-effectiveness. 

Assessment of Customer Needs and Consultation

We hold regular workshops to provide professional seminars and education for our customers. At our information sessions, we present our work starting from basics related to corrugated sheets through construction and graphic design up to production technology knowledge.

In addition, we organize various, specialized workshops as well with regard to packaging solutions typical of a given industrial sector or to clarify current issues in the corrugated board industry.

Mosonpack Kft.

If you are searching for a complex solution, we are the right partner: We offer an „everything from one hand” packaging system. Due to the favourable location of our plant, as a logistic center we can fulfill your demands in the quickest possible and most flexible way. Making ready-made products demanding a big contingency added manual labour.


Dunavarsány plant is the newest investment of Dunapack Packaging. The new, state-of-the-art corrugated packaging factory creates additional capacity compared to current production, giving us the opportunity to serve new customers regionally. Production and ramp up in the Dunavarsány plant started in mid-September 2022. Our new factory fits perfectly into a series of development projects based on the circular economy model, sustainability and high quality through cutting-edge technology. The capacity of the corrugator is 250 million m2 per year, with a processing capacity of 140 million m2 in the first phase, but this could be increased up to 230 million m2 with future upgrades. As for the technology, a water-based and flexographic colour printing equipment is used with a favourable environmental classification. Production is assisted by automated tool and cliché storage and a highly automated internal material handling system.


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