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Welcome to Dunapack Packaging Ukraine

Your Reliable Partner in Corrugated Packaging

Our clients are our number one priority. Every member of the Dunapack Packaging Ukraine team is dedicated to making sure that all your corrugated-packaging needs are met easily, conveniently, and timely. As part of a large international company, we are focused on providing the highest-quality, European-standard products, and services to our clients. Working with us ensures the optimal, most efficient, and easiest way to protect and promote your products.

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Ukraine / Khodoriv

Dunapack Packaging Khodoriv

11 Striletska Str.
Ukraine / Lviv

Dunapack Packaging Lviv


About Dunapack Packaging Ukraine

Our Ukrainian site is part of Dunapack Packaging, a corrugated-packaging arm of Prinzhorn Holding, a family-owned Austrian company that has been in the business of paper making, corrugated packaging, and paper recycling for over 160 years. Because of our company's breadth and experience, our clients are served with superior packaging solutions from 24 packaging plants in 11 different countries.

Dunapack Ukraine has been successfully operating for over 20 years. Our team doesn’t stop working and goes on improving the service and product.

And we are proud to offer products and services that exceed the expectations of our clients, and we gladly propose to you the opportunity to work with us to help your business grow successfully.


2023 FS final UKR DPU

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