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Paper and Corrugated Cardboard

We obtain the raw material for our corrugated cardboard production from our own paper factories, an area in which we can boast more than 150 years of experience. This ensures that we have an optimal supply of top-quality paper for our corrugated cardboard production at all times. Our paper factories also help us to develop innovative ideas, enabling them to respond quickly to changing requirements in our packaging industry.

Corrugated packaging is available in F, E, B and C flute sizes, as well as combinations thereof, in brown, white and white-coated grades.

Our corrugated cardboard: environmentally friendly and versatile.

For us, saving resources and treating raw materials responsibly is a top priority. We use recycled paper as the base material whenever the customer’s requirements of the finished packaging product allow this. Around 80 % of the products manufactured by Dunapack Packaging are made from recycled paper. We only use natural binders for the pasting of the corrugated cardboard.

This very high proportion of recycled materials and natural ingredients enables us to sustainably protect the environment, save energy and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in Austria.

The closed value creation cycle of packaging produced by Dunapack Mosburger also assists in achieving this requirement of sustainably saving resources. The paper factories at Hamburger Containerboard constantly receive used paper via their own collection organisations. This is turned into base paper, which is used to produce corrugated cardboard. More than 95% of the packaging produced is recycled after use.

The base paper used to produce corrugated cardboard comes primarily from the company’s own paper factories. This ensures that high-quality raw materials are available at all times.

Dunapack Mosburger offers its customers a greater range of products: We supply F, E, B and C flute-sized packaging and combinations thereof in brown, white or white-coated grades. The production facilities at Strasswalchen and Vienna process special coatings for specific applications.