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Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv produces high-quality corrugated packaging and not only well-known for transport and storage of food, pharmaceutical, detergents, glass and metal products, electronics and equipment, including Shelf ready packaging (SRP), displays, fruits and vegetables crates and custom made packaging.
The packaging can increase emotions and lead to buying the product, especially when it comes to good looking and innovative packaging.
Our team of well-trained specialists will assist you to choose the best packaging for you with the best possible design or printing.
You can see part of our products here:

  • Transport packaging

    For each transport packaging it is of utmost importance that the products reaches the end user along the chain, regardless the transport used or the distance.

    Transport packaging

  • Displays

    Our Shelf ready packaging (SRP) presents the product in the best way, thanks to the good construction and high quality printing, guarantee safe and functional storage and transportation, which means entirely user-friendly packaging.


  • Innovative

    As a customer-oriented company, we will meet all your requirements, analyze your needs and offer the best solution, staying next to you throughout the whole journey to establish an innovative, sustainable and reliable packaging product.


  • Trays

    Mainly used for agricultural products, corrugated trays are affordable and shelf-ready packaging solution. We offer variety of trays that meets all customer requirements.