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Transport packaging

For each transport packaging it is of utmost importance that the products reaches the end user along the chain, regardless the transport used or the distance. We have many years’ experience and state-of-art technologies that combined with the necessary information from the customer leads to the perfect solution for each product.
Our efforts are always aimed at ensuring the safe transportation of the product without taking away from the benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging - low weight, affordable, biodegradable and recyclable.


Our Shelf ready packaging (SRP) presents the product in the best way, thanks to the good construction and high quality printing, guarantee safe and functional storage and transportation, which means entirely user-friendly packaging.
Characteristic of the packaging:
1. High quality printing which successfully can replace complex and expensive laminate processes, without compromising on quality.
2. Possibility of production of packaging from two separate parts, with construction allowing easy removal of the lid and direct access to the product;
3. Design for easy grasping and precise stacking of packages;
4. Clear instructions for storage conditions visible on the packaging;
5. Many other additional benefits of packaging as intended.


As a customer-oriented company, we will meet all your requirements, analyze your needs and offer the best solution, staying next to you throughout the whole journey to establish an innovative, sustainable and reliable packaging product.
Contact us and we will help you to choose the best solution!


Mainly used for agricultural products, corrugated trays are affordable and shelf-ready packaging solution. We offer variety of trays that meets all customer requirements.
For a modern package, it is not enough to be well stackable with storage and distribution capability, it is needed to be als user-friendly and personalized. The range of our trays follows the last tends in the industry with the possibility to produce well-known Plaform trays, through trays with open or close inside corners to double sided trays.
It is little-known fact, that the corrugated trays keep products fresh longer than other type of trays.