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Products of Dunapack Kft.

  • Sheets

    Our factories produce 3-layer (C, B, E), 5-layer (BC, EE, EC, EB, BB) corrugated cardboard sheets, from which be manufacture boxes in different shapes and functions according to the our consumers’ needs.


  • American type boxes

    Type can be determined exactly on the basis of FEFCO codes, wide variety of producible sizes, production on in-line machines,...

    American type boxes

  • Die Cut Products

    Flat bed and rotary die cut method, unlimited construction diversity, due to highly exact cut the product can be used on automatic filling lines,...

    Die Cut Products

  • Die Cut Glued

    Construction type can be exactly determined with the help of FEFCO codes, flat bed or rotary die cut production process, due to high accuracy perfect for automatic packaging and production lines,...

    Die Cut Glued

  • Shelf-Ready Products

    Solutions making store sale easier, to be placed immediately onto the shelves together with the product, quick, easy and simple handling.

    Shelf-Ready Products

Products of Mosonpack Kft.