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We care about our Environment


Dunapack Packaging has a responsible attitude towards the natural environment, and we consider harmony with the environment to be a key issue of our sustainable development. Our company intends to implement economic progress by taking into account ecologic and social criteria, as well.

Harmonious coexistence with the environment is one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy, including our environmental policy.

The entire business activity of our company from procurement of the raw material to sales is based on the latter factors, which form an integral part of our decision-making processes. We are committed to continuously improving our company's environmental activities and reducing the adverse environmental impact of production.

Full recyclability and material savings represent a primary factor when designing our products. In order to protect the environment and improve the quality of our products, we aim at applying the commercially achievable highest standard of technology.

We strive to present to our customers the cause of environmental protection as an important issue.  An open information policy and mutual trust represent the basis of effective cooperation, including efficient environmental protection.


Closed-Loop Recycling


Every member of the Prinzhorn Group puts great emphasis on reducing their ecological footprint and on further increasing the already high environmental protection standards.

The goal of the energy-saving investments and the endeavours to use renewable resources is to achieve sustainable production and to increase the self-sustainability of the individual factories.