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Your Product

That is what counts when we at Dunapack Packaging design and produce packaging solutions that simply fit. 
Dunapack Packaging develops and produces customized, high quality printed corrugated packaging solutions at all sites.

The strengths and core values of Dunapack Packaging are a consistent customer focus, a customized product portfolio, very high standard of quality together with an ecological oriented production.

We always aim to meet the requirements of our customers, the market and consumer needs both when developing existing products further and proactively developing new products. 

Our packaging goes far beyond the actual purpose of protecting the product. It also functions as a company's business card. The packaging gives products their unique optical identity. 

Why Corrugated Cardboard

We produce corrugated cardboard using all prevalent corrugated base papers. Corrugated cardboard is a natural product and as such is environmentally friendly. Environmental protection and sustainability matter to us: Our raw material is made primarily from recycled paper. All of our products are 100% recyclable.


Corrugated cardboard meets many requirements and basic functions:

  • Protecting goods against damage during transport or storage
  • Temperature influences and contamination
  • Rational and space-saving storage
  • Economical transport
  • Distinct and comprehensive information and effective advertising