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Corrugated cardboard packaging are light and with internal wavy layer has absorptive properties well protecting goods packed. In addition, it is quite inexpensive and easily recyclable.


The following should be taken into account when selecting packaging:

  • weight of goods packed
  • dimensions and shape of goods
  • goods structure and their impact on the packaging
  • storage method and time
  • properties of goods packed
  • planned method of transport of packaging with goods inside


Manufacturers and users of corrugated cardboard boxes do not often have sufficient information about relationships between a component paper and corrugated cardboard quality, and finally, about a strength of boxes. Therefore, good are sometimes transported in too poor or too strong boxes. Increased strength always generates an unjustified cost growth, while goods packed in too poor packaging may need repacking, or they may get destroyed in the worst case.

A good method of selecting corrugated cardboard when designing packaging provides for the product of specific strength parameters. Packaging may be often manufactured of cardboard containing paper of lower properties because the strength of the final product should not be higher than required.

However, such projects cannot be carried out without the knowledge of corrugated cardboard paper qualitative indicators and corrugated cardboard itself, and their relationships.

Eurobox Polska Sp. z o.o. is a company fully prepared to provide you with assistance. Our specialists in the Laboratory and Designing Section will help you select packaging corresponding best to your needs.

But packaging has not only its strength aspect, the protection and structure of goods are its another aspect. We also know very well how strong marketing tool it is. Our designers will be more than happy to assist you in artwork designing.


Eurobox Polska Sp. z o.o. manufactures:

  • flap box packaging *
  • folding box packaging *
  • display type packaging *
  • multipoint glued packaging *
  • tearing tape packaging to make opening easier *

* - more information as requested

Manufacturing machines are MARTIN*, BOBST*, EMBA*. You may check their technical parameters and capabilities introducing the name of each machine and finding respective information.
Packaging manufactured may have 5-colour uniform-colour background or halftone print. We may print triadic colours, and as we have a paint mixing system, no specific colour problems exist. If a Customer expects varnished packaging, we are capable of satisfying any such requirement.

Owing to our relationships with Dunapack Packaging Group we are capable of satisfying any special requirements of our Customers and deliver each type of packaging that may be manufactured in any plant of our holding.