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Product Categories and Packaging Types

The image of any product, before reaching the consumer, is designed by the constructed shape and printed visual elements of the packaging, be it informative or promotional pictures or texts.

The packaging, beyond its essential role to "keep alive" the products all along their way from producer to the consumer, creates impressions and these impressions are decisive when customers choose a product.


Packaging is more than just a simple box. It is an extremely important element that communicates the consumer a significant part of the written or unwritten messages of smart selling. Thus, the packaging:

  • shows concern for preserving and maintaining environmental balance
  • shows concern for functionality, an ever stronger trend nowadays
  • shows concern for aesthetic, an ever growing demand
  • shows concern for the will to an ever better and more correct informing of the consumer


Together with the development of industrial production and the ever more intense trade of consumer goods, the main role to protect goods and products, has been completed with new functions, such as transport and storing/logistics.

Self-service as a form of product selling, the significant consumption as well as the sharp competition among various manufacturers of similar products have transformed corrugated cardboard packaging into a support for information and advertising.

The consumers' needs, demands and expectations, the importance of the informational message communicated by the package, the design are only some of the factors determining the complexity of the corrugated cardboard packaging production process.

Industrial Packagings

Are you looking for packagings that offer protection during each phase of the production process, whether they are components, semi-finished or finished goods?

Dunapack Packaging in Romania has the expertise that allows us, professionals from this region, to satisfy almost all the requests regarding corrugated cardboard packagings coming from industries using this type of packagings. Fell free to challenge us!

Promotional Packagings

Besides their essential role to protect the product and to facilitate handling, storage and transport, the packagings' role in promoting the product and protecting the environment is increasing

The ever increasing sophistication of the products packed in corrugated cardboard boxes leads to more and more complex demands of corrugated cardboard packagings from the point of view of constructive shape as well as product promotion, differentiation, identification and quick and easy recognition of brands.

Dunapack is at your disposal, at only one click distance, with the most ingenious packaging and product displaying solutions!

Packagings for Transport of Goods

Be it a product that needs no special transport conditions or, on the contrary, is transported under controlled temperature conditions,
Be it a long or short distance transport,
Be it a road, air or maritime transport,
Be it multiple handling or not,
Dunapack Rambox offers you the best packaging solutions.

Packages for the Protection and Storage of Goods

Corrugated cardboard packages of Dunapack Rambox are the best choice of packaging for storing and handling your products.

Choose Dunapack Packaging in Romania packaging solutions!

We are at your disposal with creative and safe packaging solutions both for industrial branches and production for direct consumers.