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Dunapack Packaging

Next step toward the sustainable future

We are excited to announce the successful installation of solar panels at our corrugated plant in Plovdiv.

This substantial achievement is our next step to the continuing effort to reduce our environmental impact.

Spanning on more than 20 000 square meters production hall roof, the project includes installation of 2 350 panels. The power of the photovoltaic system is 1 000 kW, and will cover a significant part of the plant’s electricity consumption. This step toward the green energy is an investment of ca. 700 000 €.

The photovoltaic system is designed to provide renewable energy not only for the activities of the factory but also to supply energy to the public grid, while energy production exceeds the own needs.

By using renewable energy, we can significantly reduce our carbon emissions and improve the environmental impact of the manufactured products.

In addition, our business operations are founded on a circular value chain that spans from recycling, raw material sourcing to marketing and sales. This commitment is represented by the fact that our products are already 100% recyclable, with 97% of our key raw materials derived from recycling.